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Tuesday, 1 January 2013 | 01:47 | 0 comments
                                                                 Name: Nur Ainina binti Rosmin
                                                                                              Nickname: Ain / Nina / Pengggg
 From: Sungkai Perak  Malaysia
Education: Diploma in Nursing at College of Nursing Kuala Terengganu
D.O.B: 10 April 1993
BFF: Rozita binti Mohd Ramly
Relation status: Taken by Muhammad Arif Adlan bin Othman -20october
3things i love to do:1)Hangout 2)Sleeping 3)Travel
fav.foods: Nasi + ikan keli sambal . yum yum !!
fav.bands: Maroon5 / st12
fav.songs: Safe & sound (taylor swift) , Just a dream , i think i listen to any kind of songs
fav.Movies: Final Destination , Paranormal activity , Titanic , Charlie & the chocolate factory , The Avenger & Resident Evil's movies
fav.Animated films: Detective conan , and Despicable me
fav.character:those minions "banana potato" ! damn funny ! (despicable me)
SomeOne that i miss:100% my beloved family , special one , friends :')>
SomeOne that i love:im not going to love for only "someone" coz i love my FAMILY , FREINDS and HIM
SomeOne that i hate: Anyone who teases me from behind & the liar !
3things that people say about me:1)Happy go lucky 2)no feeling 3)Loving
3habits that i have:1)suke bergaya *shopping 2) Pantang nampak makanan mesti nak serbu 3)Gelak tak henti-henti
3turns me on:1)Babbling 2)babies 3)music
3turns me down:1)Annoying people. 2)orang sendawa 3)drinker!
An embarrasing moment:a lot . hahaha . cant tell here
Something Im talent in:Pretending to be a ninja , watcha !
The most i like to do when im alone:Singing , sleeping , shopping ! yahooo! . haha.
My advices:"When you trick someone , he may trick you in return . being greedy can bring your downfall . BIAR       NAKAL TAPI BERAKAL" 
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